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Containerized Ocean Shipping Links

This page provides links to various ocean shipping web sites.

International Carriers Domestic Carriers Freight Forewarding and Logistics Companies news sites and portals

Ocean Carriers (International)
  • Crowley - A carrier that moves in the U.S., Caribbean, Central and South America.

  • Evergreen - A large Ocean Carrier that moves cargo between Asia and the U.S.

  • Frontier Liner Services - A U.S. carrier that handles freight in the Americas (site in Spanish).

  • Maersk SeaLand -The world's largest international Ocean carrier.

Ocean Carriers (U.S. Domestic)

Freight Forwarding and Logistics Companies

Portal and News Sites
  • Cargo Systems - The web site for Cargo Systems magazine.

  • - An online container shipping news site.

  • Inttra - An international shipping web portal sponsored by several major international carriers (still under construction).

  • New Zealand Shipping Gazette, The - A Shipping/import-export news site from New Zealand.

  • Pacific Press Online - An independent maritime publication specialising in reviews for the global maritime community.

  • Shipper Group, The - A Shipping Industry news site.

  • Shipping International - An international news magazine that caters to shipowners, builders, and operators.

  • - A containerized shipping portal site with reference information about European carriers, agents, ports etc.

  • World Ports - A Global multi-carrier web portal with Port, news, Agent/Broker information etc.

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